How EdifyEllo's English for business can help your company

EdifyEllo provides English language courses tailored to businesses. Our qualified English teachers deliver courses in a live and interactive online classroom, to any location in the world.

Build a Multilingual Team

EdifyEllo can future-proof your company by breaking down language barriers. Help your team understand each other better with our language courses.

Full support from our team

The team here at EdifyEllo is here to help. We are flexible to the specific needs of your business and can work with you to tailor our course to suit your needs.


Inspire Innovation

Cultural diversity within a team leads to increased productivity and cooperation. It helps build a creative and open-minded atmosphere within the company and brings communication to the forefront of the business.

Leading Language Software

Each member of your team will receive individual access to our virtual learning platform, where they can attend group classes, review work with their tutor, and converse with other learners.


Improve performance by breaking down language barriers in the workplace

English is often called the global language. It is the international language of business, trade, science and technology, so it is important that your employees can speak it. EdifyEllo can tailor an English for business course to you, giving your staff an internationally recognised qualification, and your company a global reach.


Global Native English Speakers


Speakers of English as a Second Language

Ready to level up your workforce with language training?

Don't let language barriers limit your business

Whatever your business; no matter the company size, EdifyEllo can help with your language needs. Our live group classes are led by certified teachers, giving learners expert tuition, and the opportunity to have real conversations with their peers.


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After enrolment, each staff member will then be their individual logins to our Learning Platform where they can access scheduled group classes, learning resources, and community groups.


Live Classes

Our live classes are led by native English speakers who are certified instructors. These interactive online classes provide real conversations with peers and expert tuition.


Assess Employees Skills

Our instructors will be constantly measuring staff’s skill level, through a variety of assessment methods. This means you can easily track improvement over time, and invest extra tuition on any staff struggling.


Certified Results

At the end of the EdifyEllo course, your staff will be awarded their ESOL qualification, an internationally recognised certificate, and your business will be ready to advance.

How Long is the Course

Our EdifyEllo ESOL courses have a number of modules that must be completed before qualification. However, the length of the course depends on the amount of time you want your staff spending per week on EdifyEllo. Our team will discuss all options with you upon enrolment so that you get a tailored English education for your staff.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an EdifyEllo course depends on a variety of factors such as the length of the course and the number of staff enrolled. Get in touch with our team today for a personalised quote for your business.

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Assisting business & companies in expanding and innovating

EdifyEllo is a tool designed to give easy access to accredited English Lessons. It can benefit users in countless ways, but here are the top 5 ways that EdifyEllo’s English for business courses can help your company.

  • Drive Growth and International Development
  • Give your business a competitive edge
  • Investing in staff breeds loyalty
  • Deliver presentations and speeches
  • Increased communication within your team

Invest in your employee's success.

Allow them to thrive with ELLO