Your Questions Answered

Comprehensive online learning can be seen as a new concept. We have the answers to our users frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the EdifyEllo team.

What is EdifyEllo?

EdifyEllo is an online English language learning platform which helps educational institutes and businesses who need English lessons provided for their students or employees. We have a range of options for, including private lessons. Our aim is to provide easy and effective courses to help everyone.

What does EdifyEllo offer?

We offer a large variety of courses for all learning levels. Our most effective feature is our virtual classroom, and we also have the option to further your knowledge with 1 to 1 private lessons.

How does EdifyEllo work?

EdifyEllo offers a different way to learn English, with a number of levels to start at depending on ability. We have a virtual classroom where the majority of teaching will take place. This allows for a more efficient way of teaching. We also offer private lesson for an extra price, which can be highly beneficial for students who learn better in a more individual setting. We have courses for everyone and for every skill set.

What software/ equipment do I need?

You only need a computer, tablet or even phone which you can access the virtual classroom on. You may want to have a notepad and pen to record notes but apart from that you just need yourself.

Who are the teachers?

They are all English teachers based in the UK. They are all fully qualified teachers and will be able to give a great educational experience.

How do I enrol my students

Visit our Enrolment page and fill in our form. A member of the EdifyEllo team will get in touch to confirm student numbers, education level needed and to provide details of fees.

Is there a class size limit

We prefer to have smaller class sizes so that each student gets a higher level of tuition. This is a flexible factor, however, depending on each institution’s needs. Our team can discuss this with you before formal enrolment.

When is the course start date

We tailor the start date of the course to your needs. Our courses last on average 9 months, with the start date entirely up to you.

Can I track my learners progress?

For businesses and educators, we understand that consistency is key, and that you do not want to be paying for a course your employees or students are not progressing in or attending. You will be able to assign an admin who can track EdifyEllo students progress, including attendance and teacher feedback.

How would I invite/ remove students?

You will be in charge of who enters the program you pay for. You will be able to go on to the course dashboard, see who is involved, and you will be able to add and remove students. You are in complete control of your program.

How does the Virtual Classroom work?

It is very similar to a regular classroom it is just over the internet. A group of students and a teacher in a class, with the teacher leading the lesson and students participating. Students can raise their hand for help, interact with their peers, view the teacher’s whiteboard, be put into small discussion groups and more.  Students can voice their opinions and interact with the teacher and other students directly. Classes will be at a set time, and each student must attend.
Visit our resource page to view a demo lesson, and for more information on the virutal classroom.

Will learners have the same teacher throughout?

At EdifyEllo, we employ a number of teachers, who are each assigned to their own class of learners, just as in a traditional school. This allows the teacher and students to build a rapport and makes it easier for the teacher to tailor lessons to each class.
Visit our resource page to view a demo lesson, and for more information on the virutal classroom.

Will it be individual or group work in lessons?

EdifyEllo lessons emulate a traditional classroom environment. Therefore, lessons will be a mix of individual and group work, and additional tasks may be set that are again, both individual or group focused.
If you would like your enrolled staff or students to have a stronger focus on either group or individual work, we can work with our teachers to make sure this is accommodated.
In a virtual classroom, learners will communicate with each other, but the majority of the work you actually do you will complete by yourself. This does not mean you cannot work with other students but just will most likely not be put in groups. However, you may have to discuss with certain people if asked to by your teacher.

What if a learner misses a lesson?

If a class is missed, all the resources and notes will be sent to the learner by the teacher. Classes are recorded so students can rewatch to study, or in this case, catch up with missed content.

What resources are available?

As with a traditional school/training environment, there will be a variety of resources for learners to use. This ranges from worksheets, information booklet, online videos and book. The exact resources will differ from class to class, teacher to teacher. All resources are made availed to download for offline use within the Virtual Classroom.
Our sister company, EdifyWorld, offers a range of free video resources to improve English and build relevant skills. All EdifyWorld resources are free to use.

What qualification do learners gain?

At the end of each course, learners will receive an ESOL qualification; English to Speakers of Other Languages. This certification shows that students have a great understanding of the English language. It is internationally recognised.

How much does it cost?

Our courses are tailored to each business, school or university. Costs depend on the number of learners you wish to enrol, level of English, duration, etc. Fill in our enrollment form to get a no-obligation information packet, and custom price.

What software/ equipment do I need?

You will just need a computer, tablet or even phone which you can download the virtual classroom on. You may want to have a notepad and pen to record notes but apart from that you just need yourself.

How do I book a lesson?

Go to our booking page. There, you can book your lesson. Choose a date, a time and a teacher, and follow the booking process. If you need any help, visit the resources page where you can view a video walkthrough of the booking process. An account will automatically be created for you, and from your dashboard, you can view upcoming lessons, past lessons and book new lessons.

How long will my account last?

Your account will last as long as you want to be involved with EdifyEllo.  You will get emails to keep you reminded of your account, but it is your choice when you want to leave. You can cancel your account from the user dashboard.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards when booking through our private lesson booking system.

I can't make my lesson. Can I reschedule?

Of course. We understand that things come up that change our plans. You can reschedule a lesson up until 24hrs beforehand. Visit your user dashboard to reschedule any planned lesson.

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