Built for Education

Our Virtual Classroom software was built for education. It allows our teachers to deliver lessons, assign work, give individual feedback and grade students. Everything a traditional school can offer, but with added benefits.

Multimedia Lessons

Our group lessons are delivered live and include features such as an interactive whiteboard, collaborative breakout groups and quizzes. Lessons are recorded and can be downloaded alongside lesson resources to help with offline learning.

Live Group Classes

Live group English lessons mean students benefit not only from the expert tuition of our teachers. They also get the chance to have real, interactive conversations with their peers, helping develop their language skills through natural discussions.

English Lessons for Schools and Universities

EdifyEllo provides additional resources to schools and universities. We supply qualified English teachers delivering courses in a live interactive online classroom, to anywhere in the world.

Vocabulary Skills
Vocabulary Skills
Students build oral skills by conversing with their teacher and their peers.
Written Communication
Written Communication
Grammar, sentence structure and spelling are all fully covered with EdifyEllo.
ESOL qualifications
ESOL qualifications
Students are awarded an internationally recognised ESOL certificate.
Downloadable learning materials
Downloadable learning materials
Learning resources can be downloaded and accessed for offline revision.

The ultimate tool for your students English Language Learning

EdifyEllo is a high-quality online language school that was built to deliver ESOL courses from qualified teachers to students around the world. We work with schools and universities to ensure students get the best English lessons possible.

EdifyEllo is suitable for all levels of learner. From beginner to advanced, and suitable for all ages, from first school through to university. EdifyEllo enables your students to gain an English Qualification that will guarantee a bright future.

How it works

How ELLO works, and how it can benefit your students Education

EdifyEllo has been built from the ground up to help educational institutions. We make it easy for you to organise accredited English Courses taught by qualified British teachers, for schools and universities around the world.


Qualified Learners


Currernt Learners

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith


We work with UK based universities to provide accredited ESOL  qualifications for your school or university.

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Passionate Teachers

All of our teachers are fully qualified in the UK, meaning your students will get a high quality, consistent education.

World Wide Learning

EdifyEllo has been designed to be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. We want to make quality English education as easy to access as possible.

Remote Learning

We use the latest virtual classroom technology to ensure a quality experience for students. We can use this to assign work, teach our classes, create group work and more.


Making English Language Learning Accessible

By choosing EdifyEllo, your students gain access to high-quality language courses.

  • Official ESOL Level Certification
  • Qualified, native speaking teachers
  • Easy to access resources
  • Progress tracking and grading
  • Tailored Courses

The Process


Sign Up

After enrolment, each student will then be given their individual logins to our Learning Platform where they can access scheduled group classes, learning resources, and community groups.


Live Classes

Our live classes are led by native English speakers who are certified instructors. These interactive online classes provide real conversations with peers and expert tuition.


Assess Students Skills

Our teachers will be constantly measuring students skill level, through a variety of assessment methods. This means you can easily track improvement over time, and invest extra tuition on any students struggling.


Certified Results

At the end of the EdifyEllo course, your students will be awarded their ESOL qualification, an internationally recognised certificate. Great for their further education or future career.

How Long is the Course

Our EdifyEllo ESOL courses have a number of modules that must be completed before qualification. However, the length of the course depends on the amount of time you want your staff spending per week on EdifyEllo. Our team will discuss all options with you upon enrolment so that you get a tailored English education for your staff.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an EdifyEllo course depends on a variety of factors such as the length of the course and the number of staff enrolled. Get in touch with our team today for a personalised quote for your business.

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