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Blended learning: the future of learning

  • November 25, 2020

Blended learning is a combination of online learning with aspects of face to face teaching integrated, however it is fully online. With the aspects of face to face learning this will most commonly be zoom classrooms or virtual classrooms. One main aim is to have a diverse way of learning, it refers to mixed methods of learning to give the best well rounded learning experience.

Why is blended learning important?

Blended learning is important as it allows for a well-rounded education, it has now become a very popular option of learning as it allows for a great development. Learners are not only getting online resources or videos they are interacting with the teachers directly. The virtual classrooms are very beneficial in today’s society. It allows for direct teacher contact from anywhere in the world. It allows for teachers from all over the world to teach students who are in a different location. Being online does not mean you have to miss out on learning opportunities, there is still the same amount of recourses given and it often done at more convent times for the people learning. Furthermore, it can often create more as you are interacting with people from all over so you ae learning from different cultures. Overall blended learning is so important to many people as it may be a second chance o learn as it is done in their free time and allows for a more flexible schedule.

The integration into a company

Companies want to use blended learning as a way to train their employees with the maximum success rate to achieve their goals.

This can be done by:

  • An exact analysis of what they want to achieve and what the company needs from their employees.
  • A target specific section of learning content and objectives. Gives you a list of things to aim for.
  • The methods to incorporate, what will be helpful and what requirements they want to meet with introducing bended learning into their company.

Advantages for the company

Companies save a large amount by using Blended Learning:

This ensures that digital learning materials can not only be created and made available at a low cost, but digital learning resources can also be designed in a cost-effective manner. There is also the elimination of off the job training such as travel and accommodation.

It can be adapted to the needs of a company to fit what they are looking for.

It can take place in an independent location:

This way it provides employees with the same training opportunities at all company locations, probably even on a global scale. Allowing for a larger growth of education and better outcomes.

Advantages for the Learner

They learn at their own pace, and they can often set their own learning goals. This allows for them to learn at their own pace.

Learners often benefit from the fact blended learning is largely independent, students can learn at a time that is suitable for them and from any location.

Due to the changes in learning blended learning addresses different types of learners and adapts to them.

It allows for a more flexible and diverse way of learning

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