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Why choose individual English lessons?

  • November 25, 2020

Individual English lessons may not be for everyone, but a great number of students do benefit from them. It is often helpful for students who are scared to speak up in a social setting or if they feel they need more help on a topic and a little more guidance. They are often a way for a student to catch up if they are falling behind or if they just expand their knowledge or just learn at a faster pace than in a group setting.

What are individual lessons?

Individual lessons are when a lesson takes place, but it is only one student and one teacher participating in the lesson. This can take place online or in a traditional classroom setting, meaning there is many different options on how to teach. Theses teachers are often planning lessons that are based on what you know and need to improve on. They are lessons based on you and not a whole class.

Individual English lessons vs group lessons

Group lessons

In group lessons there is around 20 students normally involved but if it is online there can be many more.

This may lead to many different types of lessons as some days you may be working individually and others you could be working in groups. This could be beneficial for people who feel more secure and confident when they work with others as you have that option.

This is why group lessons are the best option for some students.

Individual lessons

In an individual lesson it is just you and the teacher so you can work on topics that are specifically going to help you. Also, these are beneficial to people who feel as though they can speak up, I group classes, individual lessons may be for you.

This may also be beneficial to students who feel they need to go over topic further and in more depth to be able to understand. This would be a good option because it is an hour of complete concentration on you and not the other 25 students.

Benefits of individual English lessons

  • Lessons are designed specifically for your own language requirements.
  • You’ve got absolute personal attention from your teacher-you’re learning all the time.
  • You can ask for as much correction, explanation and suggestions as you want, without thinking about any other student in the class.
  • You can study at your own pace. Go faster or slower
  • You can work on sensitive work-related topics that you would not want to discuss is a group setting.
  • There are no distractions or interruptions from other students, it is just you and the teacher.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in groups, you do not have the issue of having to talk to people
  • You can practice or revise something as many times as you want and not have to move on really quick.
  • It is more intensive learning than group lessons so you may be learning more.

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